We want to encourage every person in a practical and fresh way to discover what Christ has done, is currently doing, and will continue to do for each person.

Upcoming Events

July 28, 2024: Come join Chad as he leads Worship and Preaches at Provost Community Church

Weekly Minute Messages

Tune in to Abiding Life Canada’s Weekly Minute Messages, where Chad Salyn Executive Director of ALMC shares what the Lord puts on his heart!

Discipleship Counseling

Struggling with the daily obstacles of life? Is life’s worries or problems getting you down? Want to hear more about Abiding in Christ? Then book a counseling session online or in-person with Chad Salyn Executive Director of ALMC.

Interested in booking an ALMC Conference?

Would you like to bring this simple message of Abiding in Christ to your Church, Community, Small Group? We offer both a Basic seminar as well as a Relationship/Marriage Seminar!

Abiding Life Ministries Canada is a ministry for anyone who is experiencing defeat in any area of their life.

It is our hope and prayer that believers will come to understand that they possess everything they need to live life in all of its fullness and to live a Godly life all because of the indwelling Christ. We want to encourage those who walk with Jesus and those who do not walk with Jesus, that he doesn’t merely deliver us from hell in the future, but also from the daily struggles that so many of us often experience in our everyday lives.

There's nothing the nearness of Christ cannot overcome!


We recognize the sacrifices you make to share this message. It does not go unnoticed, as you speak with love and encouragement to us. Because you live out your faith, your message of abiding is so much more powerful. And your explanations make more sense as I see you demonstrate them! I am so encouraged. – J.N

Dear Chad,
Thanks for coming and sharing these wonderful words of life with us. We so enjoyed the talks, the discovery of the truth, and the precious moments of fellowship. We look forward to next time already!
– Castor Evangelical Church

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