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Abiding Life Ministries Canada

The focus of Abiding Life Ministries Canada is on Christ and what he has already given each believer – His Life indwelling is all that is needed. There is nothing that the nearness of Christ cannot overcome in any person’s life.

Abiding Life Ministries Canada (ALC) was established in January 2004 echoing the heartbeat of Abiding Life Ministries International (ALMI). At that time the main function of ALC was to facilitate the distribution of ALMI resources and present several conferences throughout Canada to assist believers in their journey of abiding in Christ. Since then ALC’s vision has expanded. Chad Salyn, Executive Director of Abiding Life Ministries Canada, present this message of Life in Christ, has answered the call to full-time ministry with ALC. Chad’s own life having been greatly impacted with this Truth is excited to share with any who are willing to listen.

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Our Message

Our message is simple... for we believe the Gospel of Christ is for the very weakest person; the autistic, the handicapped, the diseased, the dyslexic, the prostitute, the average, the under average, the poor, for me and for you. If it is the Gospel for all, than it must be within the grasp of the weakest person. In 1 Corinthians 1, Paul talks of God taking the weak things of the world to shame the wise and the strong. So I believe that if people hear a complex gospel, than it is not the Gospel. Jesus came and simplified living for God, which the Pharisees made so complex. Do we want to complicate and have our own kids guessing at the way in which we desire them to live? Or do we want to make it simple for them to grasp? People in Jesus’ earthly life followed Him because He brought Life to them, Freedom to them, and it was simple. It was a great call to the disciples to follow Jesus, but I believe the greatest call is to Abide in Him and Him in us!! I cannot live this Christian life, but I know one who can, and His name is Jesus; for He is the only one who has ever lived the Christian life and He came to live it in through you and in through me. Jesus is not just our Lord and our Saviour, but our very Life! As the Lord has given me the privilege of ministering to others, I have come to discover many defeated people who don’t believe in Christ, and many defeated people who do believe in Christ, whether they were an atheist, agnostic, catholic, protestant, or evangelical, it mattered not. I too have lived many years in defeat and did not recognize the victory I’ve always had the day I believed “in” Christ! I simply want to share Christ with people; who He really is, what He’s done, and what He continues to be and do for all who call on His name!

In reading Matthew 11, the Lord revealed to me that He only calls the weak, the broken, the hurting, to come and find rest in Him. He does not call the strong, for they do not see the need for Jesus. As Jesus Himself said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick!” This message, this Gospel of Christ, is for the weak!

Much of discipleship today looks at what is lacking in the believer and then attempts are made to put something into the believer. We just want to point people to what the disciple of Christ has already; the fullness of God, living and indwelling them (Colossians 2:9,10). The believer already has everything they need, if only we would come to believe that Jesus is enough, and that His life in us is our hope of glory (Colossians 1:27)! In Him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).

So we are labouring to share this wonderful Gospel message of Christ in a simple way, for it is simple. We do not seek a “Big and Spectacular Ministry” but point people to the “Big and Spectacular” that already lives in them. We are not seeking to grow an organization, but recognize the organism that already exists called The Vine and the Branches (John 15); and those who believe in The Vine... Jesus, are all attached and grafted in... so we minster WITH each other, amen.

As we say, “Christianity isn’t difficult, it’s just impossible!” Why? Because I can’t do it and was never meant to; it was always Christ who was to live His life in through us which brings us victory in life, joy in life, peace in life, and the list could go on and on. God has asked me where I would be willing to go share Him? My simple response was, and still is, that I will go to the remotest place on this earth to share with one person, for it is the message that frees us all and brings Life to all who call on the person of Jesus. It is all about Him! AMEN!!

Chad Salyn, Executive Director

chadChad Salyn has a heart for the broken, and God continues to work through him to impact the lives of others with the message of abiding in Christ.

In 1999 the truth that Life is only found “in” Christ really took hold in Chad’s life. It has been a reoccurring theme throughout his life -- even as a little boy he sang a simple tune, “For me to live is Christ.” When entering bible college Jesus impressed upon his heart to, “Wait for your foundation before you build your house, “And then again through a dear brother’s encouraging words, “Chad, God has been preparing you for this… well… since birth.” God’s leading and call has never been so evident and Chad’s desire is to share this simple yet profound message of abiding in Christ.

Chad attended Briercrest Bible College and finished his Bachelor of Religion degree at North American Bible College. He served as a pastor for 12 years in the local church before moving full time with ALC.

Chad and his wife Tracy married in 1997 and are blessed with three children. They currently reside in Provost, Alberta.

Our Roots

snowtreesAbiding Life Ministries International had its beginning in 1972, when the Lord burdened the heart of Michael Wells to minister to defeated Christians. In subsequent years, through many hours of individual discipleship, the simple teaching of abiding in Christ moment by moment was revealed as the answer for abundant living. ALMI has laboured to make this message uncomplicated and reasonable; the answer for defeat must be simple and within the grasp of the very weakest person, for the gospel is available to all.

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