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I am the Vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing! (John 15:5)

Many ask how we go about supporting this ministry and my answer will always be the same: “We look to the Lord to provide for His ministry and then whoever He wants to lead to give, amen!”

It has been our conviction, that God gives the supporters, as opposed to us going out to recruit them, and in turn, He gives us to the supporters as well... it’s beautiful! It has amazed me how the Lord has been multiplying the ministry with the perfect timed gift right when it was needed or brought a regular supporter right when we needed it! He knows, it is His work, He is responsible as Father to His children, He can see the road ahead where we cannot, He says the righteous will live by faith and without faith it is impossible to please Him, so we trust Him to provide. Wherever the call is there is always His provision.

We also like the advice given by John Wesley that ALMI also follows, “People deserve to know what the need is and then left alone to hear from God.” We do not make finances the focus of this ministry but the wonderful message of Christ in you our hope of glory. We are not here to build a kingdom but recognize His Kingdom that already exists. We are not here to make an organization but realize the real live organism—the Vine and the Branches! We are not here to make a profit (which is why we are called a non-profit ministry), but pour the money He provides into the ministry, pointing people to the Christ that has come to fully indwell all who call on His name!

To this end, we put out a short letter once a year, to inform people of the need and the activities coming ahead, and then rest and trust Jesus with it. This will be the only reference to finances you will hear over the course of the year.

So we are looking to God to bring the supporters He is leading to be with us in this ministry. If God is leading you to give to ALC, amen, if He is leading you to give elsewhere, amen. You and I both are looking to Him for His direction.

If God so leads you, you can view and print the Support Card below and fill it out and send it to our office address. Or you can just e-mail us your name and physical address or call us and we will send you our once a year support package.

Please also be praying with us, as the Lord leads us, that doors will open in our nation and the world around us to share with those who will give an ear to His Gospel message of Life that can only be found in His Son Jesus... AMEN!!

We accept online donations via PayPal.

Due to the associated fees, please note that there is a minimum of $20 CAD required for online donations.



Our support card


View and print our Support Card: [ Support Card - PDF ]