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The purpose of the Abiding Life conference is threefold:

First, to encourage every person in a practical and fresh way to discover what Christ has done, is doing, and continues to do for the believer. The hope is for individuals to recognize their weaknesses and realize His strength is what's needed in all areas of life.

Second, it is our hope and prayer that many who attend will come to understand that they possess all that is needed to disciple and build up others. The outflow of the conference is to have its greatest impact upon each individual person and their relationships with others.

Third, the conference is to be used as an outreach of the church. We want to encourage believers and unbelievers alike to discover that Jesus does not merely deliver from hell in the future, but also from the daily “hell” that many experience.


Conferences are catered to the attendees' needs and include topics such as:

  • Depression, anxiety, fear – can I be free?
  • Freedom from the control of others
  • The voice of God – can I hear it?
  • The will of God – can I discern it?
  • What does the mature Christian look like?
  • The unique you
  • Living moment by moment abiding in Christ
  • Doctrine of failure
  • Who is in charge of my spiritual growth?
  • Suffering – does it have a place in the Christian life?
  • Is Christianity ever simple or always a struggle?

Conferences generally fall under one of three themes: ALC basic conference; marriage / relationships; ALC extended conference (for those who would like to study themes of abiding in Christ more fully).

How to host a conference

roadCheck our calendar for available dates and contact us for a detailed information package.

A conference typically begins with sharing at a Sunday morning worship service to give people a glimpse of what is to come in the coming sessions. Then the conference normally runs 3 consecutive evenings with each session running approximately 2 to 3 hours. However, we will try our best to cater to the needs of your group.

Discipleship counselling is available upon request during the day while the conference is running.

View and print our informational brochures:
[ ALC Conference Brochure - PDF ]
[ Marriage & Relationships - PDF ]


chadConferences are presented by Chad Salyn, Executive Director of Abiding Life Ministries Canada.

In addition to conferences, he is also available for:

  • pulpit supply
  • individual and small group discipleship counselling
  • marriage and premarital counselling
  • modular courses at Bible Colleges and seminaries
  • speaking at retreats

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