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Featuring Noah Wells of Abiding Life MInistries International, Chad Salyn of Abiding Life Ministries Canada, and other guests.


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1. For me to live is Christ, An Introduction to the Abiding Life message - mp3 (10.6 MB)
Hear a bit of Chad's life story as he struggled to seek acceptance and understand his true identity on the journey to the end of himself. Introduction by Richard Woodlands. (45 minutes)

2. Christianity is an Introduction to a Living Person - Focus on Jesus - mp3 (6.0 MB)
A glimpse of the abiding life message by Chad Salyn. Session 1, Part 3 from conference in Toronto, Ontario. (5 minutes)

3. Who am I? - mp3 (6.0 MB)
Chad Salyn asks, When you get squeezed, what comes out of you? Session 2, Part 2 from conference in Toronto, Ontario. (5 minutes)


1. Kristus I Mig (opens a new browser window)
11 sessions (17 videos) of Chad Salyn sharing at a multi-day conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. (English and Danish)

2. Abiding Life Ministries Canada - Basic Conference Sample (below)
Acceptance by Birth is Chapter 3 of Disc 3 from the 6 disc DVD set by Abiding Life Ministries Canada featuring Chad Salyn, Executive Director. To purchase the entire DVD set, visit the Resources page.